Thank you! This is really helpful for me as I try to grow my readership to my creativity newsletter.

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love your logo

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Thanks for making this. I'm relatively new to your Substack so I hadn't seen these before.

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Great resource thanks!

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Feb 3·edited Feb 3

Karen, I may call you once I start my podcast - thank you! ☎️

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Thank you so much Karen! I too have had some, well yes, very frustrating moments with Substack Glitches. Thank you for sharing important information on the podcast connection issue.

Much Appreciated,


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Hi Karen, Here's an unrelated question: Could you tell me how to make the same format that you have on this page? a) how to have embedded-wrapped-text images, b) how to have different sized texts and if you know c) how you've made hyperlinked 'Read Full story' I can do the hyperlinks but only on normal text, plus I can only 'grab the target hyperlink' when after publication...feel free to point me in the direction of a video or other source I can review! Thanks!

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Hi Victoria,

I did nothing special myself to have this page look like it does.

To create it I just opened my post editor, typed a 2 paragraph intro, then pasted links to other Substack posts into the page.

For each link I pasted, the Substack editor created a 'social preview' automatically.

In this case I chose each social preview to render in medium size.

The social previews automatically contain different font sizes, text wrapping and "Read Full Story" links.

If you want to do this yourself you have to publish the 'target' post first, so you can get its URL to paste into the 'playlist' page.

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Aha! Brilliant and very clear, thanks Karen! I had to do this manually with different fonts in a previous website version. This is SO easy.

Yes, I'm realising the URL links only generated AFTER publishing when I did my Table of Contents posts. ;-)

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